Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Banana Cream Pie

This last weekend, I had the most delicious banana cream pie for dessert. It didn't hurt that the company was fantastic, but, oh! Dessert was tremendous. My piece of pie was actually much more like a miniature pie--circular with a full crust, pie, cream, a sugared banana slice and decorative leaf on top--unlike the usual sloppy slice generally seen with banana cream pie.

I didn't finish the whole thing that night, but the next day I savored it while sitting on my couch, watching Say Yes to the Dress. It was a great moment as I relished each bite of banana pudding pie, cream and crust... And as the Germans would say it, es schmeckte sehr gut, or, it tasted very good. (Sorry, I have to practice German somewhere...)

And now I can't stop thinking about that pie.
Perhaps I will go get more sometime soon. Life should be like that all the time: less worrying, more banana cream pie.

Since it is chilly outside, I will leave you with two photos.

First, one that I took while on a bike ride earlier this summer on my cruiser with my husband:

Second, flowering trees at temple square from April:

Have a lovely day.

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