Friday, October 10, 2008

Salt Lake City

I haven't been taking a ton of photos in the last while. Honestly, I just haven't felt like it. But lately, I'm getting the bug again... taking pictures of weird stuff. (Well, not necessarily WEIRD stuff, but not your ordinary every day stuff.)

Here are a few --okay, more than a few-- I took in Salt Lake last weekend. What a nice weekend.

The room in which we stayed

The lounge on the other side of our room (and the view of Salt Lake)

My camera is really cool

Night time in Salt Lake City from our room's table

The hotel has REALLY cool wallpaper

Downtown Salt Lake

After the morning's rain, the afternoon sparkled.

In the morning, we walked to General Conference, and it was a little rainy. There were only a few other people walking, and we had the city to ourselves. I love the quiet after rain, especially in a city like Salt Lake, where quiet is rare. It was so peaceful and cool, a perfect start to Conference on Sunday morning, where we watched from the old tabernacle on the old, wooden benches. It was just perfect. All I needed was my umbrella, my best friend, and a good pair of shoes.

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