Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Belated [Christmas and Such]

So. Sorry I've been absent. I've been busy, you know, taking time off, sleeping in, putting my feet up... the good stuff. BUT, I owe you photos. So here they are.

My family's Christmas party at Grandma's. My housband is in the background!

I love all her ornaments--they're all so unique. I didn't get any great shots of them, however.

Grandma's nutcrackers. I have a lot of photos of people, but I think I shall keep those for myself. Maybe later I'll share?

Our apartment on Christmas morning. We put Christmas tunes on the DVD player and opened presents peacefully at about 9:00ish [nice and late], had breakfast together [which he made] and ventured out. It was a really nice day.

These are some of the things my housband gave to me--this book I wanted, and underneath is a journal from Anthropologie I've wanted for quite some time. I take it everywhere with me now! He gave me some other really great stuff, like a pricey pen (which I really LOVE), and it was fantastic.

I like this shot. Plus, you can see my Elliott Erwitt books.

We were snowed home on Christmas night--had to leave my family's house to get home in the blizzard. It was pretty bad, and we were sliding all over the place; it was nice to be home to watch movies afterward [one of which was Penelope, which housband found for me!].

One of my best friends is getting married this Friday in Salt Lake City--her open house was last night. I took some of her bridal photos, which I don't really do that often [maybe I'll post some some time], but she asked me to take some photos at their open house. It was beautiful, and a pleasure to be there. Here's their dessert: cheesecake, and below, chocolates.

Her snazzy ring and bouquet.

Well, this year has been a good one. I got married, graduated from college, got a "real life" job, had a lot of fun, rode my bike a lot, decorated my apartment, learned how to live with another person [ha]... lots of things. It's been a hard year, too... lots of learning experiences. I can say that this has probably been one of my most favorite years--I've made a lot of memories and had such overwhelming joy at times, it's hard to believe life is this good. On the other hand, I've had a lot of experiences that really hurt and stretched me further than I thought I could stretch... but without those, the good wouldn't be so good.

2008 has been great... here's to 2009.


Tori said...

I want to watch Penelope...we should!

I love your Christmas Pics...Makes me sad it's all over.

Meg said...

oh it sounds like a fantastic year! Happy New Year!!