Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm here

I've just been... busy. Plus, my computer's malfunctioning, so we'll see how long this will last. I have some photos to post--I shot one of my best friend's bridal photos in the middle of a blizzard on Saturday, which was cold, but fun, too. I also went to a family party on Sunday and I don't know if I'll post photos of that, but we'll see.

Christmas is almost here--I'm so excited! I love the treats and family time and the relaxing... it's all just so wonderful. I'm excited about the things I got for my housband--hopefully he'll like them. All my shopping's done and now I've been working on the wrapping, which has taken FOREVER.

I feel totally unprepared for the kindness we've received this holiday season. Lots of treats and things like that, and I haven't made anything. Oh, well. I can't worry about every little thing or I'll lose it, I swear.

After today, I'm not working until the new year. I'm kind of excited about that--a nice, long break. I'm going to enjoy the winter weather and not worry so much about it anymore!

I'll be back with photos once I figure out how to fix my computer. Until then, hang tight and Merry Christmas Eve eve!

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Meg said...

ohhhh boy do I want to see those photos!