Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Because

I'm a naturally curious person. I like to know from where people's blog names come. Mine are random, and they usually have to do with song lyrics.

For example, goldfish sea is a tiny part of a lyric from a song by Kate Walsh. It's called "Goldfish." I was going to use it for my blog header, but it's actually sort of a depressing song--at least the idea of living in a goldfish sea. I suppose I'm not that original, and so what? I have my own things that make me unique, and I have gotten to the point that I don't care/want to care what people think.

"And I could leave this goldfish sea
And I could start to believe in me
And after the sun the rain would fall
But I wouldn’t mind at all..."

I kept the title because by the time I realized it could be depressing, I liked it and didn't want to change the URL or think of something else. So it stuck... and here we are. [Side note: my husband said the other day that he figured it out, and it's supposed to be "goldfishy," like a little kid would say, but that's not it--I hadn't even thought of that, though that's clever.]

It's a pretty good song, though if you don't like mellow music, you probably won't like Kate Walsh. Her music reminds me so intensely of the day before I got married. When I listen to her cd, it's like I'm right there, picking up last minute things for the day that would follow... It's weird how music can take people back so quickly and profoundly to a vivid memory.

The title of my blog is from a song by Greg Laswell, called "What a Day." This song was one of my favorites in the last year... and I quite like Greg Laswell. I can listen to this song over and over [almost as much as "Death and All His Friends"] and I don't get tired of it.

The thing is, I stopped writing in a blog format for a while because I just couldn't do it anymore... I couldn't keep writing, knowing that everything I wrote would be ridiculed. I feel like this blog is a tiny beginning, and I like that. I sort of like the anonymity I have.

I also like that it's just me. My housband has no interest in writing here. I've asked his input before on certain things, and he usually just jokes with me, which is completely ok. We get along well because we don't take each other too seriously.

I like that it's my blog, I write about what I want--my life, my experiences... and though not everything is fabulous and extremely unique, they're the things I do, and how I live. AND it includes songs I like... so there you have it.

Anyway, here's my blog. Voila!

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Meg said...

It's a lovely blog, I'm so glad you write it. I love the title as well and am always looking for new, good music so am eager to look into these artist.

My ip address (is that what its called??) comes from ee cumming's letter to a young poet. it's so glorious--i posted the whole thing in its entirety to get my blog going when i first started out; it sums up who i am (my romantic and wistful tendencies perfectly); and as for my title, i just thought it was ironic and funny because i constantly feel like anything but.

thanks for being my blog friend and introducing yourself by name, im very glad to know you!