Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last Friday, one of my very best friends got married in Salt Lake. I took her wedding photos [which was really nerve-wracking, but it helped that they're my friends], we had dinner in the Joseph Smith Memorial building, and drove in a slush storm along I-15 that made me freak out.

I'm a fair-weather traveler, I suppose.

At any rate, we spent time with family, got some answers from the Apple store about my sick mac, and drove through the canyon [while I got prune fingers from worry-sweat].

Here are some photos from the JSM building.. I took them while my best friend/boyfriend/housband [yes, sometimes I still call him boyfriend... ha ha] got the car from a block away so I wouldn't get all slushy...

I think I will always remember that weekend as one I spent eating cookies and drinking milk at 11 pm with my dad, stepmom and husband... it was just one of those moments.

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