Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First things first...

This is one of the things I have been waiting to show you. Maybe you've already looked at it or found it, but this is my new year's resolution.

This is my other blog, a strictly photo blog: photo 3.

I've been nervous about sharing it... but I figure, why not? It's mostly so I can get used to shooting more often and shooting well more often [and feeling comfortable with sharing what I've shot--which means I have to put effort into it].

Some days, I'm dragging myself a little to take some photos, other days, I get really excited.

On the sidebar at photo 3, there's a description that explains from where the name came-- the number three is a special number to me, almost completely by accident. Nevertheless, the name stuck and I keep finding three's everywhere.

Sometimes I get more than one good shot from a shoot, and a couple of times, I've posted a few on here after I post on photo 3. I bet I'll keep doing it... Like these, for example:

So there you have it. I've been having a lot of fun making Valentine's surprises for my housband... I've found that lately, I'm most happy when doing things for him, so I have been planning little surprises and really enjoying it! Perhaps I will tell about it later.

Happy Tuesday. [And yes, Tuesday is, in fact, better than Monday.]


Amy said...

Tuesday IS better than Monday.

going to your other blog right now..... yes.

Adrienne Hansen said...

another secret blog. you're so silly.

thanks for sharing!

Meg Fee said...

oh how exciting, congrats and thanks for sharing! i especially love the pool photo.