Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our spare room...

I get really excited at the sunshine that starts coming out this time of year. I begin thinking of home improvement projects, places I'd like to spruce up and things I'd like to complete now that winter is coming to an end [which will hopefully be soon].

We have a spare room. It's full of [mostly my] junk. My housband uses the desk we have in there for schoolwork and stuff like that, which leaves me with little space to spread out or create anything, because, like I said, it's full of junk.

But I had an epiphany. Though we want to use the room for guests, if I clean it out, we can get another table/desk, and voila! I will have more space. We can even be in the same room while he does homework, and I'll work on photos or other things which strike me at the time. Plus, we could use more storage.

I am way too excited about something this seemingly small. But spring makes me feel so good inside... Maybe I should talk to him about this some time soon. I'm sure he'll be excited to get my box of photo darkroom stuff out and more space...!

Plus, I just bought a few things on, and I am very excited. I'll have to tell you about it later! Now, I might go home and write in my journal with the fountain pen my housband bought me a while ago... it's such the best.

Ta-ta for now.

[Sorry this post isn't so exciting, but it's something, right? I think I will also buy some Martha Stewart organizational boxes. Holy cow, I just love Martha Stewart.]


Amy said...

where might I find martha stewart organizational boxes?

me likey......

Meg Fee said...

ohhh i love spring--I can feel it coming---i can feel it in my bones!!!

yay for organization.

and ps: thank you for your unbelievably kind comments, they mean more then you may ever know

Adrienne Hansen said...

how about this...i help you and your room. you help me and my room! COME ONE!