Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekend, I:

  • met my new niece, Bergen Jo [and she is so darling... photos to come]
  • decided it was too cold to ride my bike, and left it in our storage closet
  • took several naps
  • napped while my housband cleaned out our spare room... oops... and I didn't even ask him to do it...
  • saw a woman get arrested across the street from my apartment. She was nuts.
  • had a lot of time to think, which I really like
  • saw my housband swim, actually swim in a race, for the first time ever, and he was really good
  • stayed up late and read several books while eating cereal
  • realized I miss staying up late while reading books and eating cereal
  • realized I go to bed pretty early every night [which, in effect, makes me a lot less tired the next day]
  • saw 15-or-so deer on my photo 3 escapade Friday, but never got closer than 15 feet-or-so
  • watched a Meg Ryan movie, and realized that I still love her and her long, curly hair in this movie [and her skirts and wellies, for that matter]
It was a good weekend, eventful because I met a new member of the family [and I really can't say enough about how beautiful & perfect she is], but beyond that, not too eventful... just another weekend.

Today, I:
  • went to work
  • ate lunch on my bed instead of watching Sabrina, the Teenage Witch downstairs [yes, I actually watch that show]
  • am leaving work a tiny bit early
  • don't know what I'll do with my evening hours
  • am really liking the list format
  • am going to take more photos
That is all. Thank you for reading.

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Adrienne Hansen said...

Did hous clean the whole spare room or just part? Also, I need to know about the arrestation. I like that word I just created. Oh, and I think I found my best friend at the grocery store and didn't even say hi. I'll never see her again. You, YOU, still have hope with yours. Amen.