Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today, I've been looking at several photography things, and I'm getting really excited.

But I think what's helping me is the fact that I've been shooting a lot lately, mostly because of my photo 3 project. Which is actually a lot of fun, if I think of what I want to shoot beforehand.

Today, I've been looking into getting a tilt-shift lens; they're pretty pricey, but the results are really, really cool. Take a look at this photo from Greg Keene:

It looks like a miniature city, but it's not... I think there are a lot of possible uses for a lens like this one. Though I could get a lensbaby, which virtually does the same thing, I think there's a noticeable difference, so I'm holding out for the big mama:

Image from

Anyway, there's one thing. The other thing I read about on A Little Sussy: Timelapse shooting. Take a look at some of her videos--the first is a view of the Golden Gate Bridge; she has links to two other shoots from that post & all are equally cool.

After more research, though, it seems as though it's going to be more difficult than I thought. I'll probably have to get one of these cords, as well as a bigger memory card. Maybe that's something I'll try this summer when I have some spare time.

Photography has so many possibilities, and I get so excited thinking about all of them. It's interesting to think how photography has become such a huge trend... and I think it's strange how a lot of photographers don't go beyond the surface level to discover new or exciting ways to think about photography. Maybe the popularity will die down soon; I know for me, it won't, since I've been shooting for about 5 years now [and I'm still learning a LOT every day]. However, it's still nice to find new things about it--a definite plus to finding so many people interested in my favorite form of expression.

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