Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The weekend was a good one. I stayed home yesterday, and I realized how much I love home. I didn't leave once, and I wasn't sad about that at all. It's made me realize, also, how much I'll love staying at home once we have kids. It's my choice--I've always wanted to stay home with my kids, though my husband would be fine with me working if that's what I decide I want. I'm a definite home-body, and I've always chosen staying home over going out. Therefore, the future is very exciting to me. Home it is, then.

Friday, we went out of town and ended up in Salt Lake sort of unexpectedly. [It's a long story.] I picked the place to eat, and though my brotherman a.k.a. my housband didn't really like it [he was expecting something much, much different], I thought it was charming.

Behold, the Beehive Tea Room:

I love the green and black checkered floors. So quirky! Reminds me of Amelie, always a plus. There were teacups, lanterns, and little nooks; it was the perfect amount of kitsch [in a good way] and quirk.

Since it was a little chilly out, I ordered this sweet hot chocolate. I get hot chocolate almost every time we go out when it's cold, and this was probably one of the best cups I've had in a very long time.

A detail shot on the way out.

Lastly, a building on the way back to our car:

It was a good weekend; I also took photos of my niece, but I'll have to save those for later. While I stayed in yesterday, it snowed and snowed [and snowed]. I had to dig my car out with a shovel under the foot of snow which buried it this morning.

This roof had no snow on it before Sunday night/yesterday:

It doesn't look like a lot, but it kind of is for this point in the year. But it's okay. Like I said, winter can't break me now. It's sunny out!

Plus, I stayed in yesterday and enjoyed [hopefully] one last snow day. I made cookies while I cleaned up our already deep-cleaned house [which we scrubbed Saturday], and I was cozy on the couch with word searches while my favorite candles burned. All in all, a really good day, and a nice start to the week.

Spring is coming soon. Mark my words.


Meg said...

oooh yes, I feel spring, in my bones I feel it! the pictures are beautiful and i love the little place you went to eat--you're right, the perfect amount of quirk!

Adrienne Hansen said...

that hot chocolate looks DELICIOUS! i'm going right now to make me some...but it won't be that good. no way. but it will still be hot. and chocolatey.

summer said...

i know exactly what you mean, ashley!
home is by far my favorite place in the world.
i am so, so happy that i'm staying home this year.
it's been the best year of my life.

ps. i would love to send you my pb pie recipe (it's ridiculously simple & yummy)-- can i get your email?

Amy said...

I LOOOOOVE your pictures ash. you are so rockin. you rock girl.