Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last night,

I had a dream that was really strange. There's this street where I live that's lined with big, old houses with trees out front; sort of a historic street in my town. Anyway, I dreamed that I lived in a much bigger city, but those same houses were there and I was asking someone I knew if I could have his house on that street [...weird?]. I was joking, but I was also somewhat serious.

Anyway, I was being driven with said person down this street to get to a big, fancy building at the end, and we passed all sorts of beautiful houses. Each house was well-kept and large, with green lawns and big trees. Finally, we passed a house that took my breath away, maybe because it was so unique. It was basically a barn-shaped mansion with a rooftop patio, one that was probably a fully-enclosed solarium with flowers and fountains. There were sheets flowing in the breeze from the ceiling, and in my dream, I pictured myself sitting at a cafe table on the rooftop patio, reading a book and sipping raspberry lemonade in a skirt... Which was a strange fantasy within a dream.

I remember looking at the house as we passed, and for some reason, that house was just the epitome of greatness in my mind--a barn with a rooftop solarium? It doesn't get better than that.

Sorry if that was confusing.

That said, today I've decided I have to figure out how to get a rooftop patio/solarium.

Like this one:

[Image from here]

I could just transplant that one from Brooklyn, buy a house, and put that on top; however, I don't think I'll have any wedding receptions in it.

This is more likely for my future home:

I really like those beams [and the brick wall!]. Oh, and the big windows, too.

Anyway, today's been a long day.

I went longboarding with my housband yesterday. I'm not good at it, so we have to go in parking lots, though I am getting much more brave [& I can actually carve a little and go down small declines]. Pretty soon, I'll really be able to carve; I told him that we should move to California so we can longboard year-round on the Pacific Coast Highway. I think that would be the best. [He laughed.]

We also sorted out our taxes with a professional. Let's just say that we'll probably get enough money back to build that barn and put a solarium on top. [Ha ha.]

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Adrienne Hansen said...

you're going to be rich!!! CAN I HAVE $1. that's all.


ps-the barn is weird.