Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One of my favorite things to dream about

is where we'll end up once my husband's done with school. At least the undergraduate part. We're still figuring out our future.

Not that I don't enjoy living here--I do--especially with family so close, but I'm ready for an adventure. Maybe I'll go back to school then and get a master's degree. Maybe we'll decide to have kids and I can stay home. Wherever we are, I don't care... I just want to be happy.

That said, here's a map of where, ideally, we'd want to end up:

There's a key near the bottom--the orange dots are his, the blue ones are mine. I know they're kind of random. I would like to live by the ocean, however... and the Atlantic is so warm. I love that! I don't particularly want to live in the midwest, mostly because neither of us are from there, sort of like if we weren't from Utah, we probably wouldn't want to live here [especially if we didn't have family here].

He doesn't want to live on the east coast, but I've been there enough that I think it's a really nice place, and there are plenty of beautiful, small towns where I would love to live. I picked Rhode Island solely for the reason that I love the movie "Dan in Real Life" so much, and much of it is set there... it's so beautiful!

On the other hand, it would be nice to live somewhere, even for just a bit, where winter isn't so brutal [which is why I don't really want to end up in the Dakotas or Minnesota... enough already!]. Or perhaps we could even live somewhere where it's a lot warmer than here year-round. Imagine that!

I think I'm a little more flexible than he is on this, but we'll see where school/life after school takes us. Like I said, I don't really care... I just want to be happy. And own a little house I can call my own.

Bonus: after closer inspection, the map is written in German. I love German.

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Amy said...

das ist richtig! dakotas bin sehr kult!!! SEHR KULT!!!

( i know i killed that but it was still fun!!!)