Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've noticed a trend

lately, which is whenever my housband (who refuses to let me use his name here, by the way, even though I've probably asked him about 5 times or so) and I run into someone we know, whether it's neighbors or good friends or someone he knows from growing up, my response is almost always the same.

Which is, "I like them--they seem really nice." Or, "They're nice. I like them."

I say this all the time.

Thing is, I like nice people. I like people who are kind because they want to be kind. I like people who are genuine and ask questions to which they really care to know the answer. I like people who are sincere and caring. I like people who are funny, too, but recently, that has taken a back seat for me. Nice trumps all for me. I try to be nice. I'm not always very good at it, but it genuinely helps me feel good to show kindness to people, whether I know them or not. I like talking to people. I often make dumb jokes, but man, I've realized lately that I really like people. I've tried so hard lately to see the goodness in everyone and keep an open mind--why should I judge or belittle someone else when I wouldn't want them to do that to me?

Anywho. That's just something I've thought of lately.

Also: I think I'm going to grow my hair a bit. Not as long as it was, but past my shoulders, at least. Maybe. I could change my mind tomorrow. (It's almost to my shoulders right now, by the way.)

Last thing. My housband falls asleep more quickly than I do every night. He hates when I leave the light on, but I can't read without it, and playing games on my phone with the light off wakes me up so I can't sleep when I'm done. So. Last night, I read for a bit (I love summer and the reading-ness that accompanies it), then I turned out the light. I was lying there, almost asleep, when I rolled from my side to my back. At this point, my housband was dead asleep, snoring, all of that. So I was a little creeped out when I saw his hand in the air, reaching for something... not sure what. He's a weird sleeper. Then, he was "tickling" my face. And by tickling, I mean moving his hands like he's tickling, but harder, and on my cheeks, forehead, nose, which was not only annoying, but creepy. So I yelled at him, as I always do when he's being weird while asleep... "What are you doing?!" He semi-woke up, said sorry, I showed him what he was doing, and then he said I was on his side of the bed. (I wasn't.) So I told him I wasn't, and he began arguing with me. I realized he wasn't fully awake, so I told him goodnight.

When I told him about it in the morning, he didn't remember it at all. This is almost as weird as the time he growled at me, which creeped me out so bad, I screamed at him.

Anyway, I was so creeped out by his sleeping weirdness, it took me a bit to get back to almost-asleep. Such is life with my housband, I guess.

Ok, really, this is the last thing: I talked to my brother on the phone at work today--about work stuff, I work with him--and ending the phone call he said, "I love you." We both giggled, cause we don't say that often. I said that was weird, but you know what? I love you, too, bro. Even though you drive me nuts sometimes. You are the weirdest boss ever.

Photos later, perhaps.


Amy said...

a lot of this post made me laugh realllllly hard.

and that is not pleasant

seeing as how

I have

the strep throat.

Tori said...

strep throat? eek!

love, love, loved this post...

especially about the "i love you american eagle moment" i left a really long message for a friend teh other day and said k love you by and then was mortified...

atleast it was your bro...

Ash said...

I think he said it more to embarrass me than anything, because it was so unexpected. It was funny.

Sorry about your strep throat, seester. Get well soon. I'll send you some e-soup.

kitchendoor said...

Hee, the very first time I said I love you to Tom I blurted it out by mistake on the phone. It was like some weird mindless twitch.

Anyway. You're funny. And nice :)

Adrienne Hansen said...

Haha! Don said that? He never did that to me at work. We were strictly professional. Except for the time he told me to go outside and take a smoke break. Haha!

Josh is very weird in his sleep. Maybe sometime I can be in the same room when he does one of these weird things. That would have made the D-land trip better. Weirdo Joshy sleeper.