Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vote. Vote. Vote. (Please?)

Ok, so I'm including photos which I'm considering for this upcoming art show. I can only include two. Please PLEASE help me decide--there are so many, I'm not sure what to do! Thank you in advance. And thank goodness I have siblings. You are all wonderful.

Vote over here, or, I guess, in the comments (if you really want).


Here we go.

1. Over an Ocean:

2. Pool 1:

3. Pool 2 (I was thinking of possibly included pool 1 & 2 together, but I don't know that they're that impressive? Let me know what you think):

4. Earl Green:

5. Logan Canyon:

6. Underbelly of a Tree:

7. House on a Walk:

8. Bike Basket:

9. Winter in West Logan:

I'd include older ones, but they said something weird about them not being old? Anyway. Pick two, please. Thank you.

Also, I created a new header for my photo blog. I love it. Check it out.


Amy said...

Rico says:

Earl Green

Pool #2

third place=Over an ocean

Amy said...

i (beetle) say:

1-earl green
2-underbelly of a tree
3-9 or 3

summer said...

i already voted on your handy sidebar poll, but just wanted to tell you how much i love the pool photos. they are superb. happy deciding!

Micaela said...

i voted!!! i love your work (as you know!)

THANK-YOU for my new blog banner. i posted about it, i loved it so:

i love your photo 3 banner too.
you are incredibly talented!!! incredibly.

Amy said...

Amy (this is actually amy) said:

first pick: underbelly of a tree

second pick: earl green