Saturday, October 3, 2009

10 things.

I guess I'm supposed to do this--list 10 honest things. Micaela asked me to do it, and so I will.

1. I am often overwhelmed by life. By even mundane things, like cleaning and cooking.

2. Sometimes, I think I'm annoying. I think it carried over from being the youngest child, so I try really hard to not be annoying. Except around my husband--he doesn't care. I am completely and totally myself around him.

3. We were engaged for 6 months. It was probably some of the hardest months of my life, but it was totally worth it.

4. I love dogs. I don't think you understand. I want my own dog so badly. I still miss my little dog Patches, who had lung cancer; we put her to sleep 4 years ago in May. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

5. My first two years in college, after each spring semester, I'd become almost completely nocturnal. It was weird, but I loved it. I think I'm more oriented to stay awake during the night--I'd fall asleep as the sun came up. Also, I usually slept on the couch, too. It was seriously the best.

6. Dating my husband was the best thing ever. I had so much fun dating him. He was really my only true boyfriend ever, and I couldn't care less. Dating sucked for me, but dating him was awesome. He was and still is my very best friend.

7. I like rocks. Especially smooth and round ones. If I didn't hate science so much, I'd probably study geology sometime.

8. I have the ability to sleep for a LONG time. That doesn't mean that I always do, but I like to think it's a talent.

9. I don't have a lot of "friends" in that I have a million people with whom I can hang. I have a few really close friends, my housband, my family, and I like it that way. I am a really huge introvert, and I'm fine with that.

10. If I could, I would probably eat cereal every day for every meal. I think I'm kind of lactose intolerant though... and yet I won't stop drinking milk or eating ice cream. Also, eating cereal for every meal has proven to be problematic for my digestive system.

That is all. Perhaps I will write later about my week. I'm off to my workshop--booya! Have a good weekend.


Amy said...


I MEAN, I know she died.

but of OLD AGE!!!!


I think you made that up.

you have always loved rocks. and sleep. and cereal. and now we can add josh to that list too.

love you ashtabber.

Brittany said...

mmk...we are the same person.

cereal? best food ever.

number 9? that's totally me too.

1 and 2 are also secrets of mine.

I LOVE lists. Yours was great.

Micaela said...

i knew i would love your list.

That you would pick really honest things (like #3) and #8- a talent. i do believe that. i have this talent.

thank-you for sharing you!

ps. confession: related to your number #9 (sort of, but i'm the opposite) sometimes i think i'm too nice. too much of a people person. and i'm not talking like in that overly happy person you hate to see. More like, i am a toucher. I forget people have their personal space... so if i'm talking to you, i may touch your arm and i forget that you may not like that. I'm too nice in the way that I can't say "no" to events/plans- even if I don't want to go.

and worse- upon first meeting me, my boyfriend's first thought of me was that i was "fake nice."


why am i always using your blog as a confessional? ha.

or why can't i capatilize my "i's" anymore?

Tori said...

response to your 10 things in one word.

1. Ditto

2. False

3. BooYeah


5. Seriously

6. Loveit

7. Reeallly

8. Hahaha

9. Agreed

10. Booyeah

Hope you enjoy your workshop!

Adrienne Hansen said...

#4 made me cry. i also did not know she had lung cancer. poor poor patchy. i think the hardest i've ever cried was when i was in fetching north carolina on my cell phone telling her goodbye. that sucked.

anyways, i really liked your whole list. i knew all of this about you. you might consider me as your best girl friend. maybe. or just sister. whatev.

Rhianne said...

Hey, I found you through Dolce Vita and I love your blog! I really really want a dog too!