Friday, October 16, 2009

I would

like to remember today.

Today, I didn't have official work. I slept in. I spent time with my dashing husband. I didn't get ready much besides pulling my hair back after my shower. I went to my mom's house and worked, worked, worked (and worked) on photos. I ate cheerios with sugar on top... something I used to do, but I don't much anymore. I worked more. I fixed my niece's hair, which was actually really fun, and I've found that the older she gets, the more I love her and can connect with her. (Not that I didn't before, but it's just... moreso.) I fixed it again when my nephew messed it up, accidentally on purpose, so she'd look good for her movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I went to the a craft store and mall with my husband, mom, sister, and baby niece. She'd get tired in stores (and I did, too), so we sat on benches in the mall corridor and I tap danced while sitting with my flip flops. The look of wonder on her face at the sound was fantastic. On the way home, we got drive-thru food, and my niece drew a picture for me at my mom's house, for fixing her hair, she said. I watched both nieces do tricks while we babysat another niece, and I worked on photos. I made business cards. I felt happy and love for all my family.

It was a simple day. But I like ones like this.

A photo from a Labor Day Park City vacation.


Amy said...

cool beans. it was a perfect day, i'd say. no stress. just happy to be with the people that make us the most happy.

thanks for fixing joejoe's hair. she is grateful. and thanks for tap dancing for paigey. she is also grateful.

Adrienne Hansen said...

i was trying to decide if you did hailey or pudgey's hair...then it made sense. but then i didn't know about the tap dancing. i'm sad i wasn't at any of these festivities. boo hoo.