Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So, this week, we moved.

Have I ever told you I don't adjust well to change? Well, guess what? I don't. It's been a little difficult for me, mostly because I attach feelings to things that don't have feelings, like our old apartment and food. I just threw food in there because I can hardly leave a meal without cleaning my plate due to food's feelings. It is really so bizarre.

Anyhow, our new apartment is bigger, and I really like that so far. I still feel displaced and a little like I'm on vacation, but I'm sure I'll adjust soon. I also have some other news, but I'd like to wait just a tiny bit longer until I share with you. It's good news though. (No, I'm not pregnant.)

I finally pulled out my Christmas decorations last night, so our house is a little festive. Also, I think we're getting a tree tonight, which will be good for the increase of Christmas-y feelings.

Most of all, the weirdest thing about moving, for me, is feeling sort of out of control--the place isn't as clean as I'd like it, my clothes are everywhere in the closet, and things are still in boxes. What it comes down to, I think, is that I have too much stuff... which is the story of my existence. Still, I'd like to feel that we have some order. I'm pretty sure it will come, it just might take me a bit.

Last thing: This year, along with my photo 3 project, I also made a goal to take a self-portrait in each season. This is my latest one:

Me with my mom's dogs.  I'll have to post the other three seasons here at a later time.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Adrienne Hansen said...

Why dragging your feet on the announcement???

Tori said...

I know your dirty little secret and I guess I'll keep it for you too!

aaron said...

I too believe that peas and carrots are sentient, and have feelings. Our mother did this to us. Also, I am quite certain that my old apartment at harvard misses me, and I'm only partially joking.