Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello, old friends.

This week, I've been feeling sort of negative, especially after coming back from last weekend's glorious vacation (I'll have to write more about that later). Well, I guess, mini-vacation.

So, I decided this time if I don't have something good to write, I will write nothing at all. I hate complaining, and I hate it even more when I do it.

Here are the good things about this week:

1. The flower aisle. Have you guys ever stopped to look at your local grocer's flower section? I love them. They're cheap, they're pretty, and they smell SO good. Yesterday while grocery shopping, I took a little detour into the plant/flower section, and stood there, sniffing the air. I was in heaven. And then, I proceeded to talk to my husband about orchids and how much I like them for the next 5 minutes or so. I am in love with flowers.

2. My dog. I like the way he smells. I guess that's a good thing, because a lot of people don't like dog smell. BUT, I like how he smells a little like outside (dirt, sunshine, dew), and a little bit like dog, and a little bit like our apartment. Also, I like that he's spoiled and thinks he's a lap dog. Sometimes, I let him sit on my lap because I think it's funny--he's way too big for that. He also sleeps on our bed (I know), and he uses our pillows like people do. And he's always happy to see me. I'm always happy to see him, too.

3. Surviving a drive through a nasty snow storm Monday night after getting rear-ended. (Perhaps this could be a reason for why I'm feeling so negative this week? It sure started off with a bang...) I was so anxious about the road conditions, especially after being in an accident, that I couldn't stop shaking--but not just shaking, it was more of a full-body tremor. But the positive side: I made it through. That's what counts.

4. Insurance. I can't afford health insurance, but I am so glad I have car insurance, and I'm so glad the people who hit us had car insurance, too. And how nice the insurance people have been to me... I can't deal with mean people. It makes everything so much easier when people are kind to each other.

5. My niece, Paige. My sister and her kids are here for spring break, and I feel as though Paigey has suddenly grown up so fast. She asks for my "hallo" (phone) and looks at the photos on it. And she smiles real big with her eyes closed when you get what she's saying. Something like this:

Ok, so sue me, all my little nieces and nephews just kill me. I love them all! They instantly cheer me up.

6. Shooting film photography. I love film. I love the way it feels, the way my camera sounds, the crank sound it makes when I advance the film... pretty much everything about it. And the fact that I'm not going to have to do anything to the film after I get it scanned at the lab? Just a bonus. A HUGE bonus.

7. It's the freakin' weekend. I'm going to take more photos, see some baby animals, and rest up from the week.

What's good about your week?


Micaela said...

ah, my husband-to-be hates that my bichon sleeps in our bed :) but she's always happy to see me too and she makes my day. Unconditional love, right?

YES, that's what counts and amen for car insurance! I'm glad you're okay.

Your niece is plain ADORABLE!!!!

good about my week:

1.went thrifting & found good finds!

2.finished "the glass castle" and loved it- also read it outside on our back porch deck cos it was 80 degree weather followed by rain the next night (my happy weather)

3. had indian food tonight (my favorite!) followed by a movie on our couch with our dogs.

4. i start a job next week! wish me luck... i'm that girl who got nervous before the first day of school (even in college) plus the thought of having to use an alarm clock again sucks cos i'm such a night person.

enjoy your weekend ash! :)

Sammy said...

too cute, sorry about the accident! there's nothing worse, and in the middle of a snow storm none-the-less, glad you guys were ok! Neices and nephews are the BEST you dont have to deal with them when they are crying; feed them change diapers, just the fun stuff!

7upkels said...

Your niece is so, so, so, so cute!!! and I love your list. I've been trying to do that the past couple nights before I go to bed, list one thing that makes me happy, that is a blessing, or that made me notice Heavenly Father's hand in my life -- and I have to be honest, it turns everything around!