Friday, April 2, 2010


Two years ago today, I helped my family set up the mansion we were going to have our wedding dinner at, and I felt odd that this thing--this wedding--was really happening.

Two years ago tomorrow, my life changed forever.

Two years have seriously flown by.  And look at us now--we're raising a puppy (ha.  ha ha.).

Just so you know, we have a hierarchy of things to keep alive before we can have kids.
It goes like this:

1.  Keep a plant alive for at least one year.  (Done--Pete, our plant, is thriving and probably needs a new pot here soon... he's growing out of it.)
2.  Keep a dog alive for at least one year.  (Not there yet.) (I'll let you know how it goes.) (I haven't killed him--the dog--yet.)

Perhaps someday, we'll get to the having kids part of life.

Other interesting things about our two years together:

We've been on 5 trips together (some more local than others...), had at least 7 haircuts between us, moved once, adopted one dog, gotten one new car and numerous car parts, gone camping twice and had the best tinfoil dinners I've ever had (what is wrong with us?  Only twice?), added two nieces to the family, bought two cruiser bikes, had 6 jobs between the two of us, and watched dozens of movies together, the worst probably being Knowing and Gentlemen Broncos

I couldn't think of any other random stats.  Anywho, we're going to celebrate by having a little jaunt in the city this weekend... but I have some things scheduled for your entertainment in the meantime.

Happy Friday.

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