Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vagueness is for hosers.

And so I apologize. 

Truthfully, I have a new job.  Which brings my job count up to a total of 3.  They include: 1. my day job which I've had for several years, 2. my photography business, and now 3. this one. 

This new one is truly stellar; and mostly because I'm somewhat paranoid about things in my personal life being on the interweb, I will just say that it's a job which allows me to work with kids and fill in the gaps of time & money that having my own business left gaping.  Which is to say:  it's everything I was hoping for and more. 

I love working with kids.  They are HILarious.  And now I have far less pressure on myself and my photo business to succeed, which, honestly, was cramping my style for quite some time.  It's hard when you want things to work out and they just aren't for whatever reason.  I'm still doing photography and I still love it, I just don't love the pressure of being pretty poor and needing work, then not getting any.  SO!  This is good.  Real good.

And I just got really good news about my housband's future/school opportunities.  We are having a good couple of weeks.  I'll have to fill you in on that more later.

AND his birthday is on Thursday.  I love birthdays--his, mine, our dogs'... I don't care.  It's a BIRTHDAY!

Soooo... happy Tuesday.  And all this being vague?  Yep, makes me a hoser.


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Adrienne Hansen said...

HOSER!!! Are you prego? Does that add to your good weeks??? HUH?!? HUH?!? HUH?!?

We need to do my family photos soon. Once Brookie's scratched chin heals.