Saturday, June 25, 2011

In between all the muck of life

and car problems (more on that later), I had a dream that I was still in high school, in my high school's musical, and I had gotten the lead part.  It was AWESOME, and I could tell everyone loved my singing.  Haha.  AND my best friend, one who is still one of my best friends, was telling me all the reasons why she was envious of me. 

Most often, I have these horrible, self-doubting, negative dreams.  It was kind of nice to get something that was totally different.

Sometimes the experiences I go through/dreams I have remind me of what other people need--like this one, to be loved and validated, and appreciated for who they are.  I think I'm going to try harder with that.

PS - Summer came.  SURPRISE!

Bergen's face is about how I feel about summer.  It's too hot.  And this is just to show you that I actually do watch Friends pretty much every day.  Love that little Bergs.

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