Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So, anyways.

I did some squats yesterday, and now I can't walk too well today.  My feet are floppin like a sloppy horse's hooves.

On another note, I think I am going to go write a novel.  CAUSE THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE DO, RIGHT? I'm just kidding.  I'm not angry about it.  I miss writing.

I have made so many flowers in the last month, I forgot what it was like to NOT make flowers.  You just wait til you see them.  I love them.  I'd keep them all, but I think my housband might boycott our home.  I think I might also be a half-hoarder (not a hoarder to the extent that it's disgusting, but a hoarder to the extent that I have some real crap I should probably sell or get rid of, because I won't always have a whooooooole extra bedroom for my junk.)

I just got back a ton of film from my labs--I'm even still waiting on some!--and I have a ton of cool stuff coming up on my photog blog.  Check it OUT!

July is almost over.  I can't believe it.  It's FLOWN by.  JOOLY!  WHERE DID YOU GO?

Anyway, my life is the same old boring.  But boring is good though I guess.  At least it's not exciting in a horrible way.

Lastly, I'm including a photo of my by my housband.  Mostly because when I got them back, I thought they were cool!  He did a good job.  That dude is rad.  I love him.

I'm sorry about all the yelling.  I'm just real excited, ok?

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emilia. said...

p.p.p.p.s. i capture the castle is one of my favorite stories :)