Thursday, August 25, 2011

Updated shop!

If you look over there to the left (well, if you're on my actual blog, not my google reader.  It's cool, I know how you people (& me) work), you can see I updated my flower shop with a few things! 

Visit and see my soooo cute wall hanging--at least I think it's cute--a bouquet, and a couple other small flowers.  I have more coming, I'm just so slow. 

Plus, I have up on my photo blog one of my favorite sessions from this year--one of my best friends little girl, Malea.  I LOVE her. 

And that is all the plugging I will do tonight.  OK thanks bye!

1 comment:

whit939watts said...

i love that wall hanging! so cute! maybe we should cross paths at taste of logan tonight?! :)