Sunday, August 21, 2011

A very strange week.

This last week, several not good things happened, and one great thing happened.

1st not good thing = my 10-year-old nephew was diagnosed with diabetes, which was quite a shock.  I feel so bad for him... he's just a little guy.  But my sister and brother-in-law are good parents, and I feel as though he's in good hands.  Plus, he's a fighter about everything, so he will be just fine.

THEN, 2nd not good thing = I spilled maple syrup on my macbook trackpad.  Which would not be a big deal, except that it got down in the button clicker and has made it near impossible to be un-sticky.  Although I tried a few things, like taking out the battery and sliding paper up there, syrup is one sticky SOB, in case you were wondering.  I think it's getting better though.  And it happened on the same night I was so upset about my nephew, so BONUS!

My sister and I had a good laugh about my mini-chalkboards.  She came over the other night to watch a movie at my place and commented on the bottom chalkboard, which says "2011 the year of the BEAST." 

The sad and funny part is that though I wrote this in the beginning of the year, I kept it there.  I wrote it mostly to be funny.  And every time someone comments on it, something bad happens.  Have I said this has been one of the most difficult years of my life?  Well, it has, for various reasons.  And yet, I'm still kickin'.  Perhaps 2012 will be the year of the beats.  Beats as in great music.  I do NOT know yet.

Last night, we were at the demolition derby.  Some guy sitting next to us was there with his friends, totally connected with his Ipad-like thing (wasn't actually an iPad), his cell phone, and chatting on facebook or taking pictures or video and then going back to chatting with his girlfriend about how this was his last chance.  (DRAaaaaammmmmaaaaaa!  Sorry, dude, but that's what you get when you type on your thing in front of a bunch of people.)  And I thought to myself:  I don't think I have ever felt that way in my life.  That this was my last chance.  Sure, I get discouraged, I have my days (often enough), but I find myself saying over and over again that things will work out.  I had a really hard thing happen a couple weeks ago where I was virtually offered a job after meeting with these people twice, before they were done interviewing, but they then changed their minds on me.  I was totally and completely heartbroken, and I completely fell apart.  But the next day?  I was busy.  Moving on.  I'm still thinking about it, but I realize there has to be something better out there for me.  I'm finding that positivity is so much easier for me in the long run. Plus, I've heard it helps you live longer. PLUS, nobody wants to be around people who are always pessimistic, am I right?

The great thing that happened to me this week is that my husband moved home.  Surprise!  I didn't tell you we were living apart this summer.  He had an internship in Elko for the summer at a gold mine, and we couldn't find housing that would work for us before he left, so he was assigned a roommate who was also an intern at the mine.  He's home now, and I am so SO glad.  (I didn't write about it because I didn't want to be murdered in my sleep.  My dogs are less brave than I.  We are a ridiculous bunch.)

I want to write more about the whole living-apart thing later, but for now, this will do.  Have a happy Sunday.

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Adrienne Hansen said...

So glad that you and HOOSBUND live together again. I was starting to worry about the seperation...thought it might be permanent. JUST JOKING!