Monday, December 5, 2011

Life and all about it, lately.

I've been kind of a bad blogger, but truth be told, I feel ok about it, mostly because posting from my mobile telephone isn't the most pleasant experience.  (Because we don't have internet at home.) (And just got rid of cable television.)  (Hello, Siberia, it's nice to live here.)

But then I remember that I'll want to remember the ins and outs of life before we have two kids (holy cow, that still seems weird to me) and life will be totally different.

So, lately, we're watching a lot of movies.  We opted out of TV for budgetary reasons, but I've actually not really minded not having it.

Our heat went out about a week ago, and therefore I'm so SO grateful for a now-working furnace.  This has actually happened to us twice before in our current apartment, and the last time, it was the middle of winter.  We have two space heaters already, lucky for us, but they're not ideal--better that than nothing, though, because it's cold.  Our landlord called a guy and said it was a 5-minute fix; I guess there was a piece of plastic caught in it somewhere that made it not work properly?  I'm not completely sure, but after being admittedly quite grumpy since being pregnant, I was not too happy until I came home for lunch one day and there was heat.

Also fun:  I have some sort of weird bug bites on my leg.  I saw my doctor and a dermatologist last week and they're going away, but they've been here for 2-or-so weeks.  I debated writing about this at all here, but since I've completely stopped writing in my journal for now and, sad to say, this is the closest thing I have to a journal, I kinda want to remember the funny little things that seem to happen to me and NEVER ever not once to my housband--I guess I'm glad he's healthy.  (Sort of like how last winter I got a cough which may have cracked a rib, several colds in a row, bacterial laryngitis, then another cold with an ear infection--and he got nothing.  All winter.)  Anyway, the dermatologist thinks they're flea bites, but after having my dogs checked out and finding they're flea-free, I'm thinking they're probably not.  I originally thought they were hives due to being pretty stressed out about being my brother's wedding photographer/flying to San Francisco/flying while pregnant with twins, but they are not hives either!  So weird.

Oh yeah.  I went to San Francisco.  I've never been there before and didn't see too much of it, but it was absolutely beautiful, and I forgot what Utah winter was like, only to be rudely reminded upon leaving the airport in Salt Lake.  All of my siblings were at my brother's wedding, all of us in the Temple, but none of our spouses/kids came (except for my kids, I don't really have a choice right now).  It was a little weird without the hubbub of everyone, but strangely natural.  I kinda like those guys.  Their husbands/wives/kids are pretty cool, too, and I missed them.  But it was kind of cool to have the original 5 of us together.

I have a new photography website coming up, and I honestly think all my brain power is being swallowed by babies because I'm having the most difficult time of figuring out the most simple things, so it might be a little bit before I can get it up and going.  My photo blog is still kind of a thing, but again... no internet at home... kinda hard. 

Lastly, I'll leave you with two photos of my buddies.

Here's my housband holding the dogs (who were flailing wildly).  I'd like to say he doesn't carry the giant one around, but he kind of does.  (Don't tell him I told you.)  Also, he decided he and Bert are best friends around Thanksgiving, and Bert promptly forgot I existed and refused to acknowledge me at all.  So now Pedro* has begun to ignore Bert once again, and Bert likes me once more.  I'd be lying if I said I don't worry our kids will do the same.  (I semi-secretly wonder why everybody loves Pedro and thinks I'm boring?  Yeah Pedro's fun and all, children, adults, animals and everyone in between.  BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?)

(*Again, not his real name, it just gets difficult to not call my housband by a name, ok?)

And when we ride in the car, Bagheera gets tired and Bert decides to sit on him.  I don't know why.  Perhaps for a better view out the window?  Possibly.  The dog's not the brightest, but sometimes I wonder if he just acts dumb but secretly knows a lot of stuff.  Could be.

I'm about 18-19 weeks right now, and feeling pretty good.  I recently got a different kind of prenatal vitamins, but I think I'll switch back because these ones are making more nauseous than I've been the whole time I've been pregnant.  Oh, and about the 18-19 weeks thing?  I originally based how far along I am on the first-day-of-my-last-period thing, but then my doctor gave me a different due date, which is almost a week later than I originally thought, so I don't know which I am, really.  I generally think I'm 19 weeks (because twins come early, most often).  Is that weird?  Do you see how my brain is not working?

This is such a long blog post.  I'm so sorry about that.


Adrienne Hansen said...


Also, San Fran was fun. I like it with just us too. We are fun. Too bad you weren't in the pot room though.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I am always getting mysterious bug bites all over! I attract them I guess. BAH. Anyways... I have been to San Fran when I was little, but I would love to go again now that I am older and would appreciate it more!