Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I've reached the point in this pregnancy that I can feel the girls moving around a good portion of the time.  Sometimes it feels like one or the other (or both) are caressing me from the inside, with a good foot swipe from time to time.  I can't really say that it hurts; it's more just strange.  Even their kicks are pretty tame.  Either that, or I'm just really tough.  (I'm going to go ahead and say they're tame, because I'm pretty sure I'm not that tough.)  Their movements kind of make me feel a little like there's an alien invasion in my belly, especially when they're both moving a lot.  I'm just hoping they'll be a bit cuter than aliens, but if not, I think I'll love them anyway.

I only get uncomfortable when one, presumably baby B, gets up in my ribs and makes it difficult for me to breathe well.  They seem to be happy little people though, and I like knowing they're in there and doing well.  Lately I've been remembering what it was like to be un-pregnant, and I'm kind of excited to be back there, though I know it will be much different post-babies.  It's just that I'd like to be able to put on my pants and socks in the morning with a lower level of difficulty--which has been an issue for me since probably mid-December, though the situation is slowly becoming more and more grave as time goes on.  On the other hand, I am actually quite scared to have them out because then that means I have to completely care for them, and what if I have no idea what I'm doing with them, ever?  So, there's that.

But anyway, back to the aliens thing.  I think it's odd that nobody else can see my belly moving.  I can, but I also know when they're moving around a lot because I feel it.  I'm just waiting for the day one of my preschoolers points to my belly and/or stares because they can see all the parts poking out and moving around.  Granted, it's not that drastic (yet?), and I have no idea why, but the idea embarrasses me for some reason.  I guess I'm just a private person, and the fact that the babies, who are INSIDE me, will be visible to any person on the street?  I'm not quite sure.  My housband has yet to see my belly move, though he's been feeling them since around Christmas time.

Here's what I looked like last Wednesday, almost 28 weeks.

I don't feel as though I'm TOO huge yet, but my clothes kind of speak otherwise (as you can see from the bottom of this shirt).  I got rid of a bunch of clothes when we moved, and now I'm realizing my closet is kind of sad.  But keeping the old stuff wasn't helping, so soon I think I will buy a couple maternity shirts (ha! says the woman gestating twins).  Also, I took the photo in that bathroom on purpose, because this was when I walked through our apartment for the last time by myself.  I've taken a lot of photos in here, like when I cut all my hair off, when I got my dress for my brother's wedding in the fall, and several other times, so I thought it only fitting.

I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday with an ultrasound, and I am pretty excited.  I like seeing how they're growing and progressing.  I think I forgot to mention that they're both in the 60th percentile for size, so they're nice and big.  Meaning I am going to become NICE AND BIG.  Oh well, as long as they're healthy, I can get however huge I need to get for them.


Heather J said...

bah, i can only imagine carrying two babies. you are tough!! one at a time is crazy enough. i was just talking to a friend today about how i liked the feeling of my babies moving because it was comforting but so odd and crazy at the same time. alien invasion is a good way to describe it.

whit939watts said...

i like your belly! hope you're doing well.

Rob and Vienna said...

You look great! Not too huge at all. I can't believe they'll be here soon; can't wait to see them.

When I was at the end, Nolie would kick both feet out to one side all the time and it was (I felt) WAY noticeable and I always got embarrassed too because I thought people would see and get freaked out. No one ever did though.

Good luck with the maternity shirts. Sigh. I felt like they never made them long enough and I only had one in there.

Anyway, in conclusion to this long and rambly comment, I'd like to say that you guys should come over soon so we can hang out and catch up.

Adrienne Hansen said...

Wait, what? YOU ARE PREGNANT??? WITH TWO BABIES??? Oh crap. I better start buying them things. Oh wait. I remembered. :) I remember being at work whilst prego with Jado and having to get up and do some sort of group announcement and feeling like everyone was staring at my alien tummy. I also remember looking down at it in my office and thinking, this is so weird! I always thought they didn't really move...or if they did they were inside a hard shell so it wouldn't move. WRONG!