Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I like to think of what I'd buy if I had a lot of money. 

For example, if I had a million dollars, what would I do?

I hope I'd be smart and put money away for my girls' college educations.  Maybe buy a house in cash.  Also, I'd get some other little things that, as the wife of a poor college student, I can't afford right now. 

For example:
  • a sweet double jogging stroller (so I could go up the canyon with my babes and dogs and not worry about my stroller not really handling it/damaging it in the process)
  • the new iphone
  • family pictures with my photographer of choice
  • laser hair removal on my legs (ok, that's kind of personal but I honestly really, really hate shaving my legs.  Plus, I couldn't for a long time when I was pregnant because I got THE WORST rashes, so that was attractive.)
  • a Nikon D3100.  Because it has video, and guess what.  That would be cool.
  • perhaps a new laptop!
  • maybe a lot of diapers.  I have a lot of babies. 
I don't know, I guess I'm weird.  And oh, hey, I'm back.  Again.

What would YOU do if you had a million dollars?  But you still had everything you have now... as in kids, family, job, whatever.  Realistically?


Lauren said...

dear ashley,

i like this post. i've always had a wish list column on my budget sheet. some items i've had included:

1) a nice camera (rico and i finally bought one, but you know what? it's stil (STILL) in the box!!!!)
2) mac make up brushes (i did just get a new set from my mom, not mac, but they seem to be ok)
3) dumbbells (so i can (but would i really, let's be honest) work out at home if i get too lazy to go to the gym)
4) lulu lemon clothes (i LOVE this brand of yoga-type clothes and they are really expensive. i have had the same pair of yoga capris since 2003 and i'm still waiting until i can afford another pair)
5) mouth guard (cause the dentist highly recommends it, since i'm apparently wearing away my dentin, but it's FOURHUNDREDDOLLARS!!!)
6) some really nice swimsuits (it's really hard to find them, you know? but luckily pre-honeymoon i managed to find a nice selection)

and now, on rico's and my wish list? XBOX!!! ohhhh and unlimited flights to UTAH!!!!!!!

xoxoxo miss ya ash!

(ps, this post reminded me of a previous post of mine: http://canadiansdoitright.blogspot.com/2007/12/if-i-could-i-would.html)

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

haha you are funny asking for diapers--- I'd definitely join in with ya on the laser hair removal, Nikon D3100 (except lately I've been looking at the D5100) and a new laptop, then I'm probably get a lot of new shoes and furniture! Ah this kind of thing makes me excited for Christmas!