Thursday, October 11, 2012

The other day,

it was a little bit chilly. We were riding our bikes, and I wish I could remember where exactly we were and why I was stopped, but I stood, waiting for my housband, pulling my two babies in the bike trailer. As I felt the last bits of gold afternoon sun, I thought, I am deliciously happy. This is what I've always wanted... and here I am.

This isn't to say everything in my life is perfect... in fact, there are several things that are really pretty stressful, but despite it all, I'm happy.

 I really think that counts for something.


The Mansfields said...

That IS something! It's amazing, inspirational and motivational to everyone that no matter where you are and even with life's stresses.... we can be "deliciously happy". Love it! Thanks for the upper today. :)

Lauren said...

i loved this ash! thanks for sharing! i need more of those moments in my life! love you and miss you! oxox