Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A story about toothpaste

Imagine this:  it's a nice summer day, June 17, 2009, to be exact.  A fantastic day to have a birthday (if you ask me). 

My husband calls early in the day, excited.

The conversation:

Housband:  There's Aquafresh for sale here at the store for an awesome deal.  We can get 9 tubes for $xx!! 
Me:  Ok....
H: I think I'm going to buy them!!
Me:  Ok...

Later that day... (or maybe later that week... or something.)

H:  I don't like Aquafresh.  I think I'm going to buy another kind of toothpaste.
Me:  Ok...
H:  But you can still use the Aquafresh if you want.
Me:  Yeah, I think I'll use it.  We have 9 tubes of it now, so....
H: Yeah, I'm a Crest man.  I try to change, but I just can't.

Fast forward three years, four months, and seventeen days:  I'm finally out of Aquafresh.

So, naturally, I bought another tube.  It sucks.  Tastes horrible.

I kinda miss my original 9 tubes of toothpaste.

(Granted, I bought a different kind of Aquafresh toothpaste.  THAT will teach me to venture out again.)

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