Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fire! Sale!

(Do you guys watch Arrested Development? I've been watching it lately on netflix while I work out. Best workouts ever. I actually look forward to doing it.)

I just want to be a little bit like Tobias Funke right now and let you know there's a FIRE!!!!!!! Oh my goodness there's a FIRE!!!!!!! sale.

But really, there's a sale. Of mine.

This is awkward.

What I'm really trying to say is this: if you're located in Northern Utah and you want some photos for your Christmas cards (so you can send your grandma and your Aunt Beatrice and little brother SOMETHING this year), I'm doing a sale on my photography services.

I can photograph whatever you want, let's just keep it G-rated though, ok?

The deal is this: 20% any session you can imagine. Here's the catch: you have to book by next Friday, November 16, in order to get the discount.

Tell your mom, tell your friends, tell your dog. Once it's November 17, this offer is no good!  You can see pretty much the same post over on my blog here.  But with a different photo.  Because I like to shake it up.

 And we all know the real reason you come to this blog anymore is for these girls.  I'm ok with it.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

ash, i don't live in northern utah... SHOOT!

but, a few things... (i always have something to say, riiiight?)

1. i LOVE working out to tv shows. i haven't yet watched any arrested development (on my to-do list!), but i will keep it in mind. my current shows to work out to are how i met you mother and modern family. makes the workouts so much more enjoyable!
2. ok, that second photo of your girls is SUPER ADORABLE! they are so stinking cute!!!!!!
3. ASH, you have DOUBLE BABIES!!! that's so CRAZY! crazy good!

love ya!