Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Career Choices

So. I read this thing on CNN today that listed how much certain college majors make.

And I came to a conclusion.

My major was not on the list; very appropriate because PEOPLE WITH MY MAJOR DO NOT MAKE MONEY DOING THAT.


In other news, I have a day off tomorrow. I have a list of random stores that I'm going to visit, and I am ridiculously excited about it. I think I might also take some photos, but I can't be sure. I just saw this cool idea here of how to get photos from medium format cameras without using film, but it requires a medium format camera (which I don't have) AND a digital camera (of which I have plenty). I'm looking into buying a media format camera for about $30. Maybe I'll find one in the antique store I'm going to visit tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm going to drop my housband off at school (that's pronounced hoos, like what an owl says with an "s"... it's the way my brother says it, and that's the way I like it), because we're cute like that, and then I am off to do whatever. It's going to be GREAT! I haven't had a true day off since August.

Also, I had chocolate cream pie Monday night. It was awful. Tasted old.

I like this outfit. (Though I like the whole thing, I can realistically see the skirt working for me... What a wonderful skirt!)

I am feeling good, and pretty soon, I think I'm going to move to Hawaii.

Bon voyage!

(Also, I have some polaroids to share, but I don't have a scanner with which to scan them, though I'm looking into getting one of those as well...)

Tomorrow will be a sit-on-a-bench-and-think kind of day. Life is good.
[Santa Monica Pier, California]

Sorry this is so scatter-brained.

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Tori said...

Cute, cute outfit...I think the skirt is definetly you!! Have fun on your day off...everyone needs one now and again!