Monday, November 3, 2008


This weekend was great! I did some heavy lifting, went to Ikea (and traveled through in record time...), watched some TV, and generally took it easy.

I LOVE weekends.

But for now, I have to run some quick errands before I rock the vote tomorrow (actually, that's kind of irrelevant, because the errands have nothing to do with voting), and before it's my housband's birthday. It is going to be GREAT!

Ok I have to go now. Hurry hurry hurry.


Adrienne Hansen said...

When is birthday?

Amy said...


it was nice seeing you this past weekend although it was very brief. looking forward to hopefully seeing you this weekend?

slow it on down....................

Tori said...

boo yeah. I want IKEA. I would also like to see you this weekend.