Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another weekend...

Came and went, and I didn't write about it. I probably will... my weekends aren't terribly eventful, however.

I have more photos. This is mostly so my sister [you know who you are] will stop bothering me.

The first two are from a different day than the rest; I still wanted to post them because I didn't earlier. Most of them are from a day last week during my lunch break and the sun was in the middle of the sky, which is why the sky is kind of crazy-looking.

I hope you like them, and thanks for looking.

Oh, and sorry there are SO MANY! I really need to spread them out more often.


Adrienne Hansen said...

Oh yeah. I love them. I love you. Thank you for heeding my advice. You little heeder.

I need to pick what I want printed. And North Cracka pictures too. YES. YES. YES!

Meg said...

they make me want to head out west--beautiful!