Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I haven't written a lot lately... sorry about that. I have had a lot of things to think about, and honestly, I just haven't felt like posting.

I wonder if it's the winter blues [though I haven't felt really blue per se, just more thoughtful].

Anyway, I had an outing to Park City last weekend, and it was really nice--a little cold, though. And I really missed my housband--neither of us slept well. But it's nice to know that he misses me when I'm gone, I suppose.

Here are a couple photos:

My nephew and niece... I thought about posting the photo I have of the girl at the table behind Paige that my camera accidentally focused on, but that's a little weird... stranger danger.

Main Street

Hopefully I will be back soon. I have something to show you, but I will save it for a later date. Ta-ta!


Amy said...


those are cute babies.

so perhaps you didn't sleep well because of no JASH not because of PAigey noises?

Adrienne Hansen said...


i bet that jimmybaby contributed also to the not good sleeping.

Tori said...

I think it's cute neither of you slept well...especially considering someones constant yelling out episodes I've heard about! You think you'd be able to sleep through anything...kidding!

Love the pictures of the babies! Would've loved to see the creepy stalker picture taken of the girl... haha!

Meg said...

oooh i love Park City, I'm jealous. I think it just doesn't get any prettier than Utah and you all have the best skiing. ever!

marta said...

hello, hello. just had to tell you that you've won a giveaway over on my blog!! congrats. email me your details and the heart garlands will be shipped to you soon.

happy love month.