Friday, February 27, 2009

Amelie likes...

Several weekends ago, I saw Amelie for the first time, and I really, really loved it.

I cannot fully explain to you why I haven't seen it before now--except the fact that it was on TV--so I finally saw it at my parents' house, and it was wonderful. I love films that focus on the little details in life... the things that make people happy, their idiosyncrasies, what makes them tick, their private thoughts. I think people are a lot more alike [as well as a lot more vulnerable] than we think, and I thought Amelie displayed that so well--also another reason why I loved the film. I especially loved the artistic quality--the colors were beautiful.

I also like foreign language films--this one is entirely in French [and I think French is beautiful, though I can't speak any at all]. This is one of my favorite clips, and this is where I first began to love Amelie. [I'd embed it, but it would mess up the layout--the borders don't let me fit videos inside... sorry!] I must confess, I also enjoy cracking creme brulee and skipping rocks. Proof:

My brother and I, skipping rocks in New York. Also, proof that I'm a real girl! I think this is my first photo of myself on here. So, hi. [This was several years ago, by the way.]

Anyway, in the tradition of Amelie, I would like to tell you about the things I like.

I like:
  • fancy, patterned papers
  • banana cream pie with a crisp crust
  • the smell of spring
  • listening to rain on my rooftop
  • cold, spring mornings
  • the smell of a bookstore
  • the kind of smile I can't keep to myself
  • driving along the coast in Massachusetts [or any coast for that matter]
  • puffs in a down comforter or blanket
  • bright wall colors
  • my orange bike
  • miniature, decorative boxes

There's more, but I'll leave it at that. I had to think about that list for a long time! I tried to think of really unique quirks, but it was hard to come up with them... I think I used to be a lot quirkier [if that's a word]. I'm probably becoming boring in my old age of 22 years.

If you can, watch this movie some time. It's not your average movie--and though you have to read subtitles, I still think it's spectacular.

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Adrienne Hansen said...

oh ! oh ! quirks! i get it now!