Friday, February 27, 2009


While my housband worked out a billion times [swimming twice & soccer, and now he's sore today... imagine that!], I enjoyed an evening to myself.

I love getting things in the mail. Last week, I ordered some special items from, and I finally got my package yesterday. It contained:

A word search book:

This soundtrack:

This movie:

So, when I got home from work, I did some word searches while listening to Yann Tiersen, and later, I watched Kate & Leopold. I'd forgotten my love for word searches; my grandma used to cut them out of her paper every Sunday, and when I'd visit her, I'd sit for hours and finish word searches at her kitchen bar. I really love these--interesting, though... I don't like crossword puzzles, and I had a dream the other night I was doing a Sudoku puzzle with my sister and she was doing it all wrong [sorry, Wong].

I think I've decided I'm a big Meg Ryan fan.

Also, after watching American Idol, I have decided that Megan Corkrey is my favorite. Her style isn't too conventional, and I love her sleeve tattoo. If I were brave enough to have a tattoo [and if I weren't afraid to have one that would show--at all--ever], I would get a sleeve. Or, more likely, a half sleeve, like Maggie Gyllenhaal in Stranger than Fiction. Like this:

[Image from here.]

But don't worry. I'm way too much of a square to ever get a tattoo.

This post kind of ran amuck, didn't it?

Anyway. In conclusion: mail = good. Word searches = great. Meg Ryan = woo.

Happy Friday.


Adrienne Hansen said...

I never do sudoku wrong. EVER! I don't remember what a crossword puzzle or wordsearch are. I mean, I do-but I don't know which is which. Crap. I'm getting stupider.

Anonymous said...

I have a secret dream of getting a sleeve, too! I think girls who have them are so tough and cool. Alas, I'm a giant pansy.

I'm loving this blog--thanks so much for sharing!