Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And the stressful dreams continue:

Last night, I dreamed that I had to give a presentation to a bunch of people, and it was supposed to be funny but also explain who I am. For some reason, I thought synchronized tennis playing (?) would be fun and funny, but I didn't think my partner would be able to follow my moves. I think I was the last to go, and as the others went (one of which was Scott from American Idol, playing some rocking tunes), I realized my act wasn't going to work. And I had nothing.

Then, in a completely separate dream, I dreamed of Disneyland. I was getting on Indiana Jones; there was hardly any line from what I could see, and then... I woke up.

Today, I took photos outside in my new skirt.

I also figured out why it seems like I have sugar in my bag. I dumped a bunch of something out of my pen yesterday, and then I was confused as I went to get lunch today and there were white grains inside my wallet. Good idea: take salt and pepper shakers out of your bag when you receive them at bridal showers. If you don't, you'll have salt stuck deep in your pen, in your wallet's crevices, at the bottom of your bag. Basically everywhere.


Adrienne Hansen said...

You need help. While sleeping. Seriously.

Also, shoot about the salt. That's no good.

This all sounds rude...but not as rude as:


I love you. You know it's true.

Anonymous said...

I once carried a granola bar around in my bag until it was nothing but granola crumbs in a cellophane wrapper. And then the wrapper ripped.

Sometimes I still dig in there for my wallet and come out with a handful of oaty bits.