Thursday, March 12, 2009

First day report

without my housband: good. Good not great.

MOSTly because I got really angry last night at my elephantine neighbors... WHO needs to walk around that loudly? Also, reggae at 11 p.m. [yes, I'm a stingy old lady who goes to bed early nowadays] = NOT COOL. I turned off my movie [Roman Holiday] because I was so mad and not enjoying it, and settled on getting ready for bed at 10:30. I will finish the movie today, hopefully when they're not home.

I'm getting really impatient with the whole idea of not having the ability to be in contact with brotherman. I'm not an angry person, but I've been mad since last night, and the fact that he's out of touch drives me crazy. [I'm not mad at him; it's just frustrating, considering he's the person I talk with most often throughout the day.]

I was overly tired and hungry for the last part of the evening, and I couldn't shake it even when I did some of my favorite things. As I was falling asleep, I was thinking I'll never sleep again, I'll never see my husband again, etc., etc. Basically, I get really dramatic when I'm tired and irritated without anyone with whom I can talk. I used to get that way when I'd stay up late every night... but not so much anymore. It was really weird.

Also, on a completely different note, I looked at ads online for puppies. Really bad idea. I wanted them all, mostly because I love dogs, and both brotherman and I want a puppy really, really badly. I found one I like, great because he wants a husky and I like anything doodle:

A husky doodle!

That dog just kills me. I love his fuzziness. I just want to love and snuggle him. However, we can't have pets at our apartment, and we're not home most of the day, so it would be really unfair to any dog we adopt. Still, I can dream, right? Maybe someday I'll adopt all the dogs at the shelter... and that husky doodle...

Hopefully tonight I won't be so mad. Or tired. I hate feeling that way.

Perhaps I'll stop in tomorrow, but I might not; I'm getting a haircut, and I'm planning on buying a new dress as well as going swimming. We'll see.


Adrienne Hansen said...

OH! He's CUTE! I love him and want him!

Also...I might not go swimming, but remember that dress? You need me for that. So, what time?

Meg said...

umm...your plans for tomorrow sound might fine. and that dog, i could just eat him. and finish that movie! i love that movie!!

summer said...

what a cutie.
and i really hope things are going better for you!
i was just thinking about how awful it is when it gets dark outside & my husband isn't home. it just doesn't feel right.