Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello again

I'm back.

I had a lovely, lovely Friday & weekend. I made treats [peanut butter pie and cupcakes--I went a little crazy, but it was fun], cleaned my house, went swimming, bought a new dress and got a haircut. I also helped my sister get her house ready for my nephew's 1st birthday party the next day.

I took a lot of photos of him... he's so darling, I can't help it. Here are a few:

My sister has more photos on her blog that I took then too... Yeah, I took a lot. He snuggled me and was rubbing my hands on Friday night as he sat on my lap. Oh, I just love him. He has a little cut on his forehead--I think we deduced he must have scratched himself in his sleep or something.

My neighbors are still loud, and my husband is still great. I finished Roman Holiday, and I have to say that's probably my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie I've seen yet. I also watched My Fair Lady, and I was surprised to see that I know a lot of the songs from the movie. I especially loved Eliza Doolittle's dress at the ball...

I really liked the time I had to myself. Lucky [or not] for me, I get to do it again this week... sort of. My brotherman has a lot of engagements lately! He came home Saturday night, a day earlier than planned, and that was a sweet surprise. We rested on Sunday, and as per usual, Sunday night turned out to be my least favorite time of the week. I sometimes have breakdowns Sunday nights; I don't really know exactly why... perhaps it's knowing that the week will be busy and I'll be at work so much. I know it sounds weird, but home is where I'd like to be, and spending so much time elsewhere can be hard. I think I just need to toughen up. I'm working on it.

Anyway, I'm going to carry on and get through this week. It helps that it's spring, and I have something that's really making life pleasant for me--a new car! I traded up. It's wonderful to have a car that has a driver's side window that rolls up inside the frame, has automatic steering, and all the speakers work in it. I used to go for drives all the time, but lately it hasn't been that fun or calming... but I feel it coming back with this new car... plus I feel a lot safer.

It's great to listen to the new CDs I bought last Friday in my car. Yes, I still buy CDs. I prefer them to iTunes... I think it's the physical sensation of owning the CD, putting it in my car's CD player... I don't know, though. I don't have a CD player besides the car. Anyway, I'll tell you about the two CDs I bought later. If you're not too busy listening to your walkman. Or your record player.

Happy St. Patrick's day!


Meg Fee said...

these pictures kill me. he is just too cute and you have such a gift. i love that one with food all over his face!

Anonymous said...

Aw, he's a cutie!

And yes, CDs are so satisfying! It's been years since I bought one, come to think about it, but there's something so wonderful about ripping the plastic wrap off in the parking lot of the store and sticking a brand-new CD in the player. So much possibility.

Adrienne Hansen said...

He is so darling. I love him. A lot.

I always listen to my record player. And walkman.