Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I got kind of sick on Saturday. I couldn't tell if it was an allergy to some dried flowers I bought, or if it was a cold or something, but turns out, it's the cold [which is ok, I like those flowers and I don't want to get rid of them].

I've been sick 3 times since November.

Normally, I get sick once a year, so this is a LOT of colds with which I've had to deal. And my ears have been plugged since Monday. Needless to say, I can't really hear very well right now. It's sort of nice to be able to tune out the noise, but I also just can't hear what people are saying to me very well.

Brotherman keeps telling me that it's from stress, it's from stress, it's from stress, but I refuse to acknowledge that I'm stressed out. HOWever, I think I probably am--I can't even get refuge in my dreams anymore. In the last week, I've had dreams that I was:
  • fighting with my sister, and really, really angry at her
  • backstabbed/betrayed by my stepsister in a way that's all too familiar [not from my family, but someone else]
  • ditched by my husband in a foreign country/ditched in general
  • driving with my family, and my mom made my husband hitch a ride home from Colorado
None of these things are actually true. My family is my #1, so I don't know where this is all coming from. And I wonder each day why I'm so tired in the morning... huh.

I'm trying to relax and not worry so much, but wow... sometimes life is so stressful [& for the dumbest reasons]. I think I need to go home, drink my juice, and take a nap.


Adrienne Hansen said...

That Becca! She's trouble!!!

Stop stressing. Just relax!

Amy said...


you need to start drinking. that'll help.

Ash said...

Not you. Adrienne Hansen. We don't fight, remember?