Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seems as though Wednesday night is becoming the worst night of the week...

Or at least when it happens to be the day brotherman is gone.

I felt awful last night; my left gland was really swollen, my ear was ringing and feeling weird [pre-ear infection sort of weird] and I'm tired of being alone. Granted, alone time is great, but not when it's two weeks in a row. TOO much of a muchness.

So today I rested in the morning, went into work late, and I'm feeling better. Thursday seems better. My ear is feeling better, but not all the way... I just hope I don't get an ear infection. Those are the WORST.

I stopped home after work yesterday and saw my dogs. They're not really mine, but close enough... they're my mom's. Anyway, they gave me kisses and I loved both of them. I was on a drive in my car, enjoying the windows rolled down and the fabulous weather when I realized I wanted to go see them, so I did.

It just hit the spot.

Then I continued on my way.

Here's some old photos of Jackie... I don't have any of Zoe except from when she was a puppy. Ok, I lied, I have a couple... but truth be told, she's not as photogenic as Jackie. Something about her squished Shitzu nose.

Don't her freckles just kill you? She is one cute [overweight] cocker spaniel mutt. She looks like this every snow day... snow clumps.
I always used to think of myself as a dog person. My first real dog, Patches, proved that to me. I guess it's still true.

Today will be better. The first night is always the worst, I've figured out. Tonight, I'll watch movies and make a treat, and go to bed after reading a little. Sounds like a good night.


Adrienne Hansen said...

Sounds like a fun night. Can I come?

Glad you are feeling better. I hope you continue feeling better and better and ALL better.

Amy said...

you said TOO MUCH OF A MUCHNESS!!!!! yes.

come to Sp.Fark and party with us!!!! we need you here. so bad.

and feel better!!!