Monday, March 30, 2009

Things I've been thinking about,

with no particular order or reason to them:
  • I've always wished for dark brown hair. Not that I don't like mine, I've just always thought it seems so much more luxurious.
  • I'm trying to be mad about the snow we've been getting, but I just can't anymore. I'm apathetic.
  • The color aqua is my new favorite. I painted some shelves for our spare room [well, my husband did for me], and I think they look fantastic. Fantastically [but not too fantastically] loud. I love that.
  • My husband described our future house to me last night. I can say I picked the perfect person for me a million times over. The highlights: the library with sliding ladders, the solarium, his "man-space", our giant master suite, and the garage that's separate but attached to the house with a second-story walkway. Perfect.
  • One of my dreams, I told him, is to get rid of all my junk. Everything. Easier said than done.
  • I ate lunch in the spare room today and thought about what I'd like to do in there. We rearranged things so I have a desk now, and we have to bring in another for him. I'm so excited about this room--I've been planning for days.
  • Besides that, I've been feeling a little unmotivated lately. I'm in a quiet mood. I haven't written much lately... I've been keeping to myself.
  • Every time I think about pulling out my bike, it snows. A lot. I think Mother Nature is punishing me.
  • Sometimes it feels like everything is changing so fast, all the time. I sometimes feel as though I'm standing still and everything around me is spinning dizzyingly fast... and I don't know how to keep up. It's a really odd feeling.
  • I would like some good music to listen to; everything has felt like the same old, same old lately, and the old stuff I used to love just isn't cutting it anymore. It's almost hard for me to listen to it... it's weird. Any suggestions? [Lately, I've enjoyed Adele, Kate Walsh, and The Rocket Summer. A weird mixture for sure, but still...].
  • I feel like I'm changing a lot lately too. As though I'm hesitant to describe myself because I know the things which used to define me don't anymore. It's the weirdest feeling... sort of transitionary. I don't [always] mind it.
I will be back later. Probably.

I want to know what you're thinking about. Do tell.


Amy said...

I'm thinking that I want to see YOU with dark hair.

Adrienne Hansen said...

I am thinking that I have the same views as you on the dark hair. That's why I dye mine!!!

Also, I am thinking that Starbursts are very yummy.

Jaden is too crazy.

Bella has got to stop barfing and pooping liquid. (gross, I know)

I wish everyday I could take a nap while someone cleans my house-like today. It was fabulous.

That's all.. My brain is broken.

Stacey Sargent said...

I have always wished for super dark hair too...its so striking! I'm so glad you love pictureline. They are amazing huh?? If you are ever there make sure to say hi!

Micaela said...

Great post. I'm glad I find my way to your blog. It's refreshing in a quiet sweet way... and very well written (as always!!!) I have this image of you and your husband in my head... like characters I could read in a book.

Your last point spoke to me.

Right now I want to yell "enough" to the man who holds my heart.
For now, I will grab take out for the man who wants to hold my heart.

and i'm thinking I need to make a HUGE decision soon... and it's like all the weight of the world is on me.

i'm also thinking...

i've always wanted to be a [natural red head]


Meg Fee said...

having dark brown hair (really dark brown) but not always having it had it this dark, i can honestly say that as much as i like my hair, as much as i look at famous women (jen connelly, rachel weisz, etc) and love their hair; when i see a woman at a party, or on the street and i find her especially attractive (i'm a libra--a notorious lover of woman's beauty) she is almost always a blond. funny, huh. i feel like such a sterotype in that way, but i love blonds. then again, a case can be made for any hair color (oh my gosh, am i still talking about this?!)

on another note--i love the big library with the sliding ladder (remember that scene in Beauty and the Beast when they reveal the library--jaw dropping)

hope all is well!