Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello, hi. Guten Tag.

I decided a few things over the weekend:

  • I put too much pressure on myself. It gives me a [near-constant] headache. I need to calm down and take a nap.
  • I am proud to say I am a huge Hannah Montana fan. I am now plotting on moving to Tennessee after seeing the film with my 15 year-old stepsister because I loved it so much. I'm a sucker for pretty sets [and oh my, Tennessee seems so wonderful... remember how I said I'm flexible? Yeah, I could probably move anywhere that's picturesque]. And I love movies about singers. I am also plotting my music career. [If you count singing in my car plotting. If so, then yes, I'm plotting.]
  • I also now like [some] country music. I am not normally too big a fan of country. Thank you, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus.
  • I love trees. I love them too much. Almost nothing excites me more than blooming trees, or seeing trees begin to sprout leaves in spring. If I could, I'd hug a tree. All day. Or just sit under it.
  • I try too hard a lot of the time. Things are better when I can sit and think, a breeze on my back and the sun on my face--much better.
  • I love spring more than ever. Rain is very preferable to snow.

I haven't shared some photos in a bit. Here are some recent ones:

The trees are blooming! At my in-laws house on Easter.

If you have to sneak under a locked fence to get shots at a junkyard like these, do it. Because, more than anything, it's fun.

Also, my in-laws have several classic cruisers. I rode one once when brotherman and I were dating, and I thought I would lose control--the handlebars shake really badly until you get going. After that, smooth sailing.
I've had a lot of good experiences lately. But I've been thinking about keeping them to myself/saving them for future writing things, because once I write about something, I don't usually want to write about it again. So, bloggie, I don't know if I'll pimp them out to you. Plus, I've been thinking about lots of memories and stuff, but again.. not sure about the pimping. I've been wanting to write, and all of a sudden I have a billion things to write about, but I'm just not sure in which format I'd like to write about them. Give me some time to ponder. I'll get back to you. [Do I get ten points for creative & semi-hip use of the word "pimp"? Get back to me on that.]

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Adrienne Hansen said...

I don't enjoy the word Pimp. Sorry.

Also, I LOVE Taylor Swift.