Monday, April 20, 2009

It is finally spring.

I ate lunch on my front porch today.

I had the fantastico view of the flowers we planted on Saturday next to our house. They're blooming beautifully, and follow the sun with their heads all day. There's poppies! And ranunculus (one of my very favorite flowers--they were in my wedding bouquet with hydrangeas)! And others, but I don't know their names. They're small.

Brotherman pulled my bike out of storage yesterday, and I'm looking forward to becoming an orange-cruiser-blur as I ride all over the place.

We've slept with our bedroom window open the last couple of nights.

I can't stay inside anymore.

Dear spring,

Why did you ever leave me last year?

Don't ever go away.


Sincerely me

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un bel oiseau said...


Thanks for leaving me a note! yes, i too fell in love with jason mraz's could you not? basically he should never ever record in the studio again. haha. yeah right. anyway, glad you found my blog...and yours is wonderful as well. LOVE your photography!

Thanks again,