Friday, June 19, 2009

4 things:

1. I'm glad you find my husband attractive. I do too. We met in middle school. More on that later. (I thought about ways to make that more exciting, like we met on a singles cruise or chatting online, but... our story is more interesting/boring, depending on how you look at it.)

2. Tonight, I'm going to a reception for a show one of my photos made it into tonight. This is my first gallery submission. I am more nervous than I should admit, and I also feel like I might throw up.

3. I watched Marley & Me on my birthday and sobbed. I am a sucker for dogs.

4. My birthday was full of such goodness, I can't even describe it all. It was perfect.

Happy Weekend.


Tori said...

Good luck tonight...wish we could've made it!

Meg Fee said...

ughhh hello, yes he's good looking! and your photos just make me swoon. seriously, swoon. congrats on the show--don't be nervous, you're amazing