Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have been busy, making plans and working on our apartment. Mostly de-cluttering.

Summer has been good to me, and every day, I leave work and feel the sun, and I remember how much I love summer.

I think I'm going to start selling prints of my photos on etsy. I'm wondering if anyone anywhere would buy them.

I'm also working on getting a portfolio put together to make my dream a reality. It's a lot of work. Slowly, but surely, it's coming together.

I have several things that are making me really excited.

My housband bought me a basket for my bike, and it looks fabulous. We went to the store and bought otter pops--our first for the summer.

I've thought about writing up how I met my husband, but I don't know how much information I want to share. I'm probably a little too cautious.

I want a puppy so badly, but we can't have pets. My husband wants one, too.

I went swimming yesterday with my sister and nephew. OW! Is all he had to say. OH! It was pretty funny.

I love the weekends.

I will try to write more often, but my thoughts are usually, lately, about logistical things and other things that would probably bore you. [They sometimes bore me.]

I will leave you now with a photo of a door which leads to a photo studio right by Laguna Beach, California. The entire wall is covered in ivy! It's wonderful.

Maybe later, I'll show you images of my dream house.


Adrienne Hansen said...


HAHAHAHA! Only Jims. Only Jims.

kitchendoor said...

I'd buy them! I love giving photography as gifts.

Also...make up a story about how you met your husband. I'll make one up about how I met Tom, too.