Monday, July 6, 2009

Bad blogger.

I know I haven't written. I apologize. Things have been really good lately, and I'm really enjoying life; perhaps it's time to update the ol' blog.

I'm still photographing.

I'm still writing that story you asked for [Katie]... I swear, I really am working on it. You'll find out our story soon enough. Most likely the REAL thing, too. [I've never been great at writing fiction.]

My house is still a mess. But my housband promised a surprise if I get our spare room cleaned up. That's how you know a room in your house is bad--when your housband has to bribe you. Oh, well. It worked. Now I'm going to clean it for sure.

I had a dream Saturday night that I had a brain tumor and it's made me reevaluate my priorities. What would I do if I really had one?

Then last night, I had a dream continuation of a series I've had lately: I went on a shopping spree at an extremely affordable and stylish place. I've had 2 or 3 of these types of dreams lately.

It is so hot right now, except at work, where my toes are cold all day.

I will have to show you some of the photos I've taken this summer from a couple family shoots.

I will be back. I promise.

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Anonymous said...

The AC at work is my giantest pet peeve of life. Especially because it's not even warmer than 65 degrees outside.

That is to say, I feel you on the cold toes :)

Also, I've been having the hardest time updating the old blog, too! I think it's a summer thing.