Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dream life

I was just thinking about what would be my ideal life; where would I live, what would I do, what would my house look like?

I'd live by the ocean. By the ocean and some mountains, mostly because life's about compromises and my spouse loves the mountains. But mostly the ocean. I would live in this house (my dream house) by the ocean.

Or perhaps another old house. With lots of blue walls and white crown moldings. Just like this.
[This is an actual home for sale in my town, and I love it. Too bad we fit in the "don't have money for a house right now" category, or I'd buy this home in a heartbeat. Here's a walk through--what a dream.]

I love this landing and I often wonder: to what does that ladder lead?

And just to show you that it DOES have a conventional shower...

I love that house. If I could plop it somewhere between mountains and ocean, I would be happy.

Money would not be a thing about which I'd think. Not that I would have a lot or none; rather, I'd just rather not think about it. I'd rather not worry about it. I guess this is mostly because my husband and I fit into the "struggling college students" category. We'd have plenty of money. Not too much, not too little. Just right.

We'd eventually have 3 or 4 little kiddos. They'd be good kids. Not too loud, not too quiet, smart, interested in books, lovers of the outdoors and dogs. They'd be obnoxious but I'd love them anyway, because I was (and still am) that way occasionally. We'd have a couple of dogs: my golden retriever and whatever the heck my husband decides is worth his time (there are only a few breeds he likes to think about having, and it changes every-so-often). I'd stay home with the kids, but we'd have lots of adventures. My husband would have a job which interests him but doesn't tire him completely out, so he could come home and spend time with us. Yes, I'd keep my current husband. I kind of like him. Plus, our kids are going to be cute--I just know it.

I'd be more of a morning person. I wouldn't need much sleep, actually. I'd wake early and go to bed after midnight. I'd photograph lots of things in life; I don't know if I'd do it for money. Maybe just for the joy of it. I'd leave the dishes in the sink to watch the tide at night with my family instead. We'd watch movies outside with a projector showing on a sheet hung from the roof of our house. We'd spend days at the beach, in the mountains, at home, and our only real deadline would be time to go to church on Sunday. Every other day is a free-for-all. Except for school... I don't think I would be a very good home school teacher. So they'd go to school.

We'd have a library of lots of good books. I'd have a lot of time to draw and paint. I'd be good at drawing and painting. I'd learn to cook well. It'd be a messy and clean life, but it would be a good life. Our home would be a heaven on earth; not perfect, but perfect for us. A haven, you might say.

Maybe I'm just a dreamer. I don't know. But this is what I'd like my life to be like. I guess one of the good parts of life is the way that it's full of surprises--things often don't turn out how I thought they might. Oh, well. I can still dream. What's your version of a dream life?


un bel oiseau said...

oh holy cow this is beautiful! House lust!

kitchendoor said...

A, you are just a delight. Truly.

Amy said...

They'd be good kids. Not too loud, not too quiet???

I love you ashtabber.

Brian and Whit said...

i like your dream life. maybe we'd live in the same neighborhood, maybe not. anyhow, i'd still like to be friends.
and i love, love this house, almost my exact dream house as well!