Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I had a dream last night

in which I visited Egypt with my family and I forgot my camera at the pyramids. That really bugged me. Also, someone was trying to tell me that my horse and boar (??) I had brought with me were theirs and that I owed them money. I don't even want to go to Egypt.

I kind of like the hippie lifestyle. I'm afraid that if I become more of a hippie, my husband won't like me anymore. (He's afraid of hippies. I don't know why. Ok, I kind of know why. I still find it weird.)

I'm afraid of fall. The season. I can't really explain it sufficiently, so I'll leave it at that. I hope this fall is the best out of the last 2. It has to be, right? Right? Nowhere to go but up? I have a feeling it will be better. I have a lot less to worry about.

I took long exposure photos last night on the street. I was only mildly creeped out, and I only had one urge to go lie on the lawn at the hospital (we live across the street from it) and enjoy the nice temperature. I didn't do it, mostly because I didn't want to worry about what I'd do with my camera. And my husband was waiting for me inside. So I didn't do it.

I could probably spend all night outside, every night. But I like going to bed at the same time as my you-know-who, so I go to bed earlier than I probably normally would, and I lie awake for hours at a time, hoping for sleep. And then I have a bear of a morning. Perhaps things would be better if I just slept outside. Maybe.

My back hurts. Where is everyone?

(This was a post I wrote last Tuesday that I forgot to publish. Whoooooops....)

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